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Malaysia's Anwar has lost eight kilos in detention, says wife

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 (AFP) - The wife of ousted deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim said late Friday her husband had lost eight kilograms (18 pounds) since September 20 when he was detained by police.

Speaking after she and her six children visted Anwar for the first time, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail also said the swelling around her husband's eyes had gone down.

"He's still strong," Azizah told a news conference at her home late Friday. "The swelling on his eyes is less. He is applying some eyedrops."

"He has lost 18 pounds," she said, adding that Anwar's weight before his arrest was 158 pound (71 kilograms). "His pants are loose."

Azizah said she and the children, five daughters and a son aged between six and 17 years, met Anwar at police headquarters for about 90 minutes on Thursday evening.

"The police were very kind, allowing us to meet at the guest lounge, serving us snacks and drinks," she said. "The children were very happy to be able to be with their father and so was I."

Azizah said the family reunion was a "private meeting" and police were not present. She added that arrangements were being made for future visits.

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