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Reformasi Anwar

Sumber mencari kebenaran / Resources in the search of the Truth

Anda pelawat ke times visited....(sejak/since 5 October 1998)

Rangkaian Berita / News Links:

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(Sejak kebelakangan ini beberapa sumber/muka rangkaian/URL sudah di sekat oleh kerajaan, oleh itu harap maklum bahawa lokasi ini mungkin di tukar dari semasa ke semasa untuk mengelak dari di halang. Jika Internet boleh terselamat dari serangan nuklear, ia tentu boleh mengelak dari Dr M ):
(Lately several links/URL's has been blocked by Malaysian authorities, as such please note that the location of these pages may be moved from time to time to avoid censorship. If the Internet can survive a nuclear attack, it can elude Dr M ):

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Bob Marley: "How long can they kill our prophets while we stand beside and look? Some say it's just the part of it , we've got to fulfill the book"--Redemption Song